Off Season Training Plan

  • I couldn’t resist…

Now that I’ve had a few weeks to think on my “rookie” season of triathlon and cleanse myself of all the negatives, I can look forward to things ahead.

There are several things that I have to ask myself about 2018:

1) What did I like about this season?

2) What did I not like about this season?

3) What did I really expect from this season and did I accomplish it?

Then, there are things I need to ask about next season:

4) What would I change to be better next season?

4a) How do I plan to go about making that change?

5) What are my expectations for the off-season?

6) What are my expectations for next season?

Here are my answers:

1) I think the best thing about being in the triathlon community is… the community!

There are such great people that I come into contact with while swimming, riding, and running. I absolutely love my Y-Tri group. They are the most helpful, supportive group that I could have asked for. They’ve become, in a way, my Austin family.

Getting to the season, I am really proud that I actually stepped out and “participated” in my first tri. Even if I technically didn’t finish in the traditional sense, just jumping in the water was a major emotional and mental leap for me.

2) My major disappointment this season is my swim leg for the tri that I did participate in. I let the water control me instead of conquering the water. I learned that I really have a fear of deep water. It is probably the most frustrating thing I have to overcome next year.

3) What I expected from this season was total immersion into the triathlon life. I expected to complete the Rookie Tri and a couple more. I pulled my hamstring a week before the Rookie which has supposed to set the tone for rest of the year. So I can fully say that I did not meet my expectations for the year.

4) For next year, I plan to participate in at least 3 triathlons during the season. That is the minimum.

4a) What I plan to do is swim, swim, swim! I really have a huge mental and physical barrier to overcome still in the water. Once my mind catches up with what my body is capable of, I believe that I will be a force on the course! (It rhymes!!!)

5) This off-season, I plan to be more consistent with my running and swimming. I want to raise my road mileage to at least 15 miles per week and a long run of at least 10k on the weekend, with a half marathon distance run at least once a month. I want to begin a run streak and do at least 1 mile per day on the road. I want to decrease my treadmill mileage to nil. This means that I must buy more cold weather gear.

I want to swim at least three days per week and increase my distance. I want to learn one new stroke so that I will have a “fall back” stroke when I get tired. This will also give me more confidence in the water.

On the bike, I want to get more long rides in. I am still toying with schedules and intensities for each of the three disciplines. I need to fine tune it in order to maximize the effectiveness of each day.

6) Next season I want to finish in the top 25% in each event that I participate with one of those being a podium finish. High hopes but that’s why I’m here. I want to compete and not just complete. I plan to do one destination race somewhere else in the country. I want to be a better member of my tri club, so photographing, hauling gear, and cheering my team on will be a big part of that. I would love to travel with them next season to assist even though I may not be competing.

I have several events that I want to do in 2019:

  • 3M Half Marathon (1-20-19)
  • Austin Half Marathon (2-17-19)
  • Lake Pflugerville Tri (6-16-19)
  • Don’t Tread on my Tri (7-14-19)
  • Kerrville Tri (9-28-19)
  • Chicago Half Marathon (Tentative, 09-29-19)
  • Several other 10k races through the winter months

So there we are! Goals and ambitions all wrapped up. Focus renewed and drive set. Check back from time to time, I’ll be here.

2019 had better watch out…